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Thursday, November 16

Hello again! Wanted to share a few photos of this outfit of the day!
 I wore this Fall inspired look because at last Central Florida has decided to leave the hot humid days behind.

When I tried this sweater on at the fitting room, the first words that came from my mouth were: I look like a bird. I want it haha… Making decisions to buy clothes sometimes is more about feeling fun than practical.  
So there you have the tip of the day: If you like it, wear it. Have fun with fashion, don’t take yourself too seriously!
For this day I did two of my favorite things: Number 1 I drank coffee at Downtown Credo and number 2 I ate dessert before having dinner. 

If you live or plan to visit Orlando anytime soon please, do yourself a favor a try Gideon’s cookies at East End Market! They’re so good you may cry of happiness haha...  
( everytime I write a “haha” for laughing I feel weird, but I do laugh I promise) 
Pictures below as proof!

Also before I leave, I invite all of you to please follow Isla Mía's project via Instgram and blog. This was a project created by my beloved and talented friend Yésica. We are sharing stories of strong resilient Puerto Ricans after the hurricane. It's been a great way of coping and an amazing source for sharing people's tories. Also helps keep people updated to the reality of the Island. 
Hope you have the time to stop by!

Until next post,


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