19 Things you may not know

Friday, October 28

 For today I wanted to do something a tad different from my usual posts! I thought it would be fun to share a few facts about me. Promise to make it short and not bore you haha... here it goes! 

#1 I'm the youngest of 4 sisters! 

#2 My second name is Enid.

#3 My parents have been married for over 40 years and their relationship is just goals🙌🏼

#4 I got into college when I was 16.

#5 I studied psychology for three years but finished my bachelors in Advertising.

#6 I moved to Orlando, FL over a year ago but travel often to my home Puerto Rico for weddings.

#7 I've worked at a hotel's Front Desk. 

#8 I've known my husband for 9 years, but been together 7 and married for almost 4 (our anniversary is in December).

#9 We dont own a TV. 

#10 My first trip ever was for free (haha thanks college) to Mexico and since then I've been forever in love with traveling.

#11 I love reading. I always try read between 2 or 3 books a month (or more if I can). 
Just finished Three Dark Crowns and Everything, Everything.
#12 I'm obsessed with breakfast.

13# I once runned into Jared Letto at Urban Outfitters dressing room. 
Didn't even notice it was him until 4 days later.

#14 My friends make fun of me because I love to plan EVERYTHING. 

#15 I literally don't own makeup. 
I just have one makeup bag with the basics... it's embarrassing, I know haha! 

#16 I have the ability to block everyone and everything around me when working. My family gets annoyed by it. Let's just say that I get a bit too concentrated haha

#17 I have a crush with Leo DiCaprio and Ansel Elgort (Shhh! Don't tell Jay) 

#18 I only love an artist/singer if their good live. That's why Taya Smit, Sia hand Hayley Williams are total babes. And on that note, I'm  by far the worst singer ever and this fact makes me so sad haha

#19  I adore movies from the 90's and early 2000's When Harry met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Serendipity and Hocus Pocus are a few of my favorites. 

Hope we share some things in common! 
Outfit details below, lovely weekend to all!


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Unknown said...

The dress is absolutely amazing!! <3

hehe and I don't own a TV either, actually I know quite a few people who don't - maybe it's a trademark of our generation xD

Beba Gottel said...

Beautiful dress!

Beba Gottel

MILEX said...

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