Day 4 Brooklyn, NYC // Travel Diary

Saturday, April 8

Saturday we woke up super late! We were too tired from the past day sessions, the cold and going up and down the city! It was a rainy so we decided to keep it simple and stayed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! One of the things I wanted to do in NY was visit  different coffee shops everyday. So we started our day at Toby's Estate for coffee & tea! We spent almost two hours talking about being grown ups, marriage, the city and just life in general! 

Dumbo was next in our list. It was gorgeously empty and extremely cold haha.. 
Our visit lasted less than 15 minutes haha! 
Were famished so we decided to grab some food at Roberta's. The wait was over an hour so we decided to just wait at a close bar and had some beers! Once the wait was over we stuffed our faces with the best invention in the world: pizza! 

Our last day is next, see you then!

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