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Thursday, September 17

Every morning when you wake up remember that you are loved, your are worth it. Let that wonderful spirit that lives within you shine. Give yourself the opportunity to be happy by the little things in life. No brands, no luxury, no names should be attached to your value.
Please, don’t ever forget that. 


En cada amanecer, cuando abras los ojos recuerda que eres amado, que tienes valor. Deja que tu espíritu brille desde tu interior. Date la oportunidad de vivir y ser agradecido por la pequeñas y maravillosas cosas de la vida. Ningún lujo, marca, o nombre debe estar atado a tu valor. 
Nunca lo olvides.


S H O P   T H E   L O O K

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Joana said...

So lovely and stylish! Amazing sunglasses!


Sabina B. said...

nice shorts!


Anonymous said...

Lovely blouse!

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